. Personalized Carved Cedar Signs
R1124     Size: 11"x24"    $70.00
Font: Kool Beans
Image: $8.00
BearCampfire 2C
R920  Size:9"x20"   $50.00
Taylor Font: Sherlock
Cape V. Font: Tooney Noodl.
Image: $8.00
Bearfishn 1C  
R616 Size:6"x16" $25.00
Font: Screebie
Image: Free 
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RC1124  Size: 11"x24"    $70.00
  Font: BD Cartoon Shout
  Image: Free
  Deer Head 1B
RC920 Size:9"x20" $50.00
Font: Simpson Heavy
Image: $3.00
Boat 11C      
RC616 Size: 6"x16"$25.00
Font: Hobo

A1124        Size: 11"x24"      $75.00
Font: Old Century     
Image: Free
Tree of Life 1B    
A920   Size: 9"x20"   $55.00
Welcome Font: Vivaldi
Butterfield Font: Primitive

O1120       Size:11"x20"       $65.00
  Font: Aargau
  Image: $3.00
  Leaf Blowing 1C
O916  Size: 9"x16"    $45.00
Font: Aargau
Image: Free
Bass 3B   
O612 Size:6"x12"  $25.00
Font: Oklahoma
C1127      Size: 11"x24"    $75.00
Font: Rustler
Image: Free
Elk 1B
C923   Size: 9"x23"    $55.00
Font: Billboard 

RU1124  Size: 11"x24"   $75.00
Font: Platsch
Image: $8.00
Bearfishn 2C             
RU920 Size: 9"x20"  $55.00
Font: Oklahoma      
Image: Free
HorseHead 1B  
D1124        Size: 11"x24"      $75.00
Font: Mirisch
Image: $8.00
Lighthouse 2C    
D920    Size: 9"x20"    $55.00
Font: Jester
Image: Free
Heron 2B
L1020    Size: 10"x20"   $65.00
Font: Yonker BRK
  Image: $4.00
  Heart 1C
S1124     Size:11"x24"      $80.00
  Font: Mirisch
  Image: Free    
  Anchor 2
S920   Size:9"x20"   $60.00
Font: Mirisch
Image: Free
Anchor 2 
AS1124   Size:11"x24"    $80.00
Font: Platsch, Screebie
AS920 Size: 9"x20" $60.00
Font: Komika 
M1129    Size: 11"x29"     $85.00
  Font: Sprocket
  Image: Free
  Canoe 1B       
M924  Size: 9"x24"   $65.00
Font: Artbrush
Image: Free
Bear 4   
T1124       Size: 11"x24"      $75.00
Font: Adventure
T920   Size: 9"x20"  $55.00
  Font: Arnold 2.1       
W1127   Size: 11"x27"      $75.00
Jim & Rachael Font: Don Semif.
Gallagher Font: Hank
Image: $3.00
Canoe 3C      
W922  Size: 9"x22"  $55.00
Dan & Teri Font: DonSemi.
Groman Font: Balloon
Image: $5.00 
Stickfigure 1C  
P1124    Size: 11"x24"    $75.00
  Font:  Arnold 2.1
    Cedar Sign Man is pleased to have you visit our website. Our Carved Cedar Signs are the perfect compliment to your home, camp, cabin, cottage, camper and business. Our signs also make great gifts for weddings, anniversaries and holidays.

    Cedar is the perfect choice because it's real wood with appealing grains and beautiful patinas. Natural inhibitors against rot, decay and insects. It will last several years outdoors in all weather conditions. Why else would cedar be used for thousands of outdoor projects like furniture, decks, siding and of course Signs. 

     What goes into making your Carved Cedar Sign. First we hand pick the best quality cedar. After receiving your order we design your sign on the computer and email you a mock up for your approval. Next we cut the dimensions and start the carving process using a carving machine. We hand clean, carve and sand all areas and prepare your sign for painting. Your sign is hand painted using quality exterior paint. We sand the surface for clean crisp edges. We finish by spraying your sign with three coats of high quality polyurethane with UV protection to seal the paint and give your sign a nice finished look. Every sign is shipped with hooks for hanging.

   How to order your Carved Cedar Sign. Write down the Sign, Font and Image of your
choice. Select your choices from the drop down windows on the Order Form. Our Customer Gallery is full of great ideas! See one you like and want more information. Fill in the Gallery Sign number and any notes or questions on the Order Form. Visit Fonts & Images for more available choices. Make any changes from the drop down windows on the Order Form. When finished filling out the Order Form click submit at bottom. We will contact you asap by phone for payment. All major  credit cards excepted. Reciept will be e-mailed to you followed by a mock-up for your approval.
By CedarSignMan.......Family Owned and Operated since 2007
Design your own Personalized Cedar Sign!

             or  315-782-2153
A616 Size: 6"x16" $30.00
Font: Aargau

Click on a catagory or scroll down.
R424  Size: 4"x24"   $30.00
  Font: Ballpark
Image: $8.00
DB411 Size: 4"x11" $15.00
  Font: Biker Bones
R420   Size: 4"x20"  $25.00
  Font: Informal
R416   Size: 4"x16"  $20.00
  Font: Georgia
R411   Size: 4"x11"   $15.00
RU424 Size: 4"x24"  $30.00
  Font: Platsch
RU420 Size: 4"x11"  $25.00
  Font: BD Cartoon Shout
  Stars in between
RU416 Size: 4"x16"  $20.00
RU411 Size: 4"x11"  $15.00
Small Signs are a great addition to the signs above or by it self. Order separately or together We will hook them together for you. 
DB416 Size: 4"x16" $20.00